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This is my home for my novels and other writings. Please check back regularly for updates and new blog posts. My debut novel 'Swallow' is available at Amazon. Don't forget to join my official facebook page here! Follow me on Twitter here. I would like to give a big thank you to everyone who has helped with my writing and music projects over the years. And all my friends, everyone on the social networks, your comments get read and what is said is appreciated.



NEWS - October 2012
My new erotic short, Minding Hyde is now available for download from various online retailers such as Amazon and Smashwords. Not Safe For Work!!!

Sarah Black is set the task of looking after a lead singer on tour to keep his band from quitting or killing him. How hard can it be?

When she answers a job ad in the local paper, Sarah expects to interview for a position as personal assistant in a regular office, not at a high profile music management company.

Successful in her application, she is set the task of keeping notorious bad boy, Hyde Chambers, in line while he's on tour with established LA rock band, Shiver.

"By any means necessary," his manager says.

Sarah soon realises what it takes to keep Hyde in his place and finds herself enjoying the lengths to which she will go in order to fulfil her role.

Have a great week!
Ilyria x

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